Monday, 26 April 2010

Financial Help for Anipals

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Deaf Animals is a blog page on my RSS feed.  When a pet at risk comes up I Rt the post or I do a tweet of my own with the link.  Mum and I try to pay-it-forward for being lucky in our own ways.

One really great post from Black Cats is this.   I quote a small part of their text here

 "With the economy, as it is, that is affecting everyone, which includes the animals in need of help. Many wonderful resources are listed to help the animals and they have been shared among the rescue community and pet owners."

You can see a long list of names/links that can help you.  Most I think these are US based so if you know one anywhere else let me know and I will amend the post to include any outside US ones here and let Black Cat know too.

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  1. It is a great idea to help people find out information about lower cost health care. It would be horrible to have to determine the kind of care your anipal was to get based on the cost.