Monday, 17 May 2010

Anipals Times News

* impatient tap tap , tap tap tap *
* Mum turn this thing on will you - BIG NEWS to tell my friends.... *

OK anipals and their Mums and Dads.  I have an announcement to make!  * Ahem *  As of this week I have been taken on as an Editor at animal newspaper Anipal Times!  With a little help from Mum (I'm on antibiotics after a vet visit) I am now editing some truly talented writers who are also my Twitter pals.

 Please check out the current work of sophisticated jet setter @PrincessGwenie, the delightfully on trend @MissBusyBiz and the vibrant spirit of @PepiSmartDog whose resume of recent #pawparties is a joy to behold.   The link for each name will take you to their current article, from there you can browse the whole Anipals Times!

So many volunteers working for your fun and enjoyment.  Don't forget to ReTweet the articles if you enjoy them eh?

* High Paw *

Dash Kitten
Anipal Times


  1. Welcome to the pack!

    Cokie the Cat
    The Anipal Times