Wednesday, 21 July 2010

16 Symptoms You Cannot ignore in Your Cat

* Testing testing la la la laaaaaa.  Turn on the mike Mum..... *

Mum was sent this and thought you ought to give it the once over.

Check it out here - a real boon to monitoring your cat's health issues.

Short post - sweet post - helpful post - GO READ IT

(Oh and thanks to Daisy for the helpful comment - much appreciate Miss Daisy * respectful nosetap* )


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. Staying healthy is important! One time, I had ROCKS surgically removed from my bladder. I do not know how they got in there.

    (My Mommeh says they were actually oxalate bladder stones)

  2. Those are some great guidelines. Thanks for sharing!

    Thank you also for stopping by and offering such kind words about Minnie and Kiki. It makes us smile to know there are others out there who understand our sadness at this time. We appreciate you!