Tuesday, 20 July 2010

PawParty Merchandise and Zazzle Quality

* Testing Testing - Tap Tap Tap ... hem hem.... *

Ok It's about time I wrote about our recent Pawparty pwize.  It took Mum a while to get a good picture as the sun isn't coming out too much here in New Zealand.

I have never ordered from Zazzle before, so, when I won a voucher (money donated to Pawparty charity) from @Smokey8 I was offered a dazzling choice of #pawparty merchandise but had no idea if what I got would be any good.

Well, let me tell you!!!!!! 

Mum's Commuter Mug and my Editor's Mousemat arrived last week I was very VERY impressed with the quality.  This is GOOD stuff not cheap made in China production line tat.

The mousemat is qual-i-tee!! Good 'n thick and non-slip so no chasing the mat and the mouse across the table, and the Mug is so well made AND the image will stay put forever and not rub off and Mum loves it.   She always takes it out when we visit Wellington.  She will take into town when she meets Rumblepurr and his Mum 

BTW have you voted for Rumble yet?  If not do so here.

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