Tuesday, 31 August 2010

FuzzyMice wants US folk to call their Representatives...

* Tap Tap Serious post for anipals comin' up.  Everyone, please if you are in the USA you might be able to help *

This information comes from Animal Rescue lady @FuzzyMice.  Yes, there is a lot to read, but, sometimes we have to chew hard on stuff to digest it better :-

There are many jurisdictions in our state that spend more money on animal control then on veteran's affairs or libraries. This is just wrong. This is government waste at its worst. I’m sure all of you can imagine better places to put this money than into housing and killing pets! It’s simply a disgrace.

We bring nearly 1,000,000 dogs and cats into our shelters and kill over half of them, which costs our state over a quarter of a billion dollars per year. I know these numbers are huge, and maybe hard to grasp and really understand... but please try to reflect for one moment how enormous this is and how cruel and wasteful... and we, California taxpayers are flipping the bill.

Here is how SB 250 will help reduce this out-of-control problem:

1. Prevent unwanted litters – SB 250 does this by requiring stray dogs to be spayed or neutered (An unlicensed, unaltered, roaming dog is considered a stray).

2. Helps dogs get back home – SB 250 does this by promoting dog licensing – if you want to keep your dog unaltered, all you need to do is license it... which dog owners should be doing already; dog licensing has been state law since 1933.

Right ow in California only 21% of the dogs are licensed, this is bad for two big reasons:

     a. Unlicensed dogs have much less chance of finding their way
 back home if they are impounded.
b. Licensing generates revenue to run the shelters, and budgets
    have been slashed to unreasonable amounts.

3. Spay and neuter your household roaming cat. And if you want to keep your cat unaltered, keep it inside or an enclosed outdoor area.

There has been a lot of misleading information circulating regarding how SB 250 affects feral cat caregivers... the information is absolutely false! SB 250 only affects cats that you own and live on your property. Visit http://www.yesonsb250.com/ferals.php for more information.

Please, if you care about reducing this tragic situation in our state for innocent dogs and cats and are not satisfied with status quo, please help us now. If we cannot get to the 41 votes the bill will fail, and we will have to start all over again next year. We’ve come too far, please help us get this good piece of legislation to the Governor’s desk, call today, please do not delay, this is our last chance.

SB 250 had a vote in the State Assembly on Thursday, August 26. We did not get the 41 votes required to pass, however the good news is we can take the bill up for a vote once more before the session ends this week.
Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez and all our friends are working hard to move the Assembly members to our side and to do the right thing.

But once again, underground dog breeders and puppy millers, both in-state and out-of-state, are working hard to distort the truth and fight our bill.

Here is my last request, will you please call all the Democratic members who did not vote in support of the bill and urge their “Yes” votes for the next vote on SB 250.

The members to call are:




Galgiani, Cathleen
(916) 319-2017
(916) 319-2117

Ma, Fiona
(916) 319-2012
(916) 319-2112

Monning, William W.
(916) 319-2027
(916) 319-2127

Block, Marty
(916) 319-2078
(916) 319-2178

Buchanan, Joan
(916) 319-2015
(916) 319-2115

Caballero, Anna M.
(916) 319-2028
(916) 319-2128

Calderon, Charles M.
(916) 319-2058
(916) 319-2158

Chesbro, Wesley
(916) 319-2001
(916) 319-2101

Coto, Joe
(916) 319-2023
(916) 319-2123

Evans, Noreen
(916) 319-2007
(916) 319-2107

Huber, Alyson
(916) 319-2010
(916) 319-2110

Pérez, V. Manuel
(916) 319-2080
(916) 319-2180

Salas, Mary
(916) 319-2079
(916) 319-2179

Torrico, Alberto
(916) 319-2020
(916) 319-2120

Yamada, Mariko
(916) 319-2008
(916) 319-2108


  1. Hooray for you, we bury most politicians in our litter box.

  2. Has anybody thought of encouraging microchips in both cats and dogs as part of licensing? My Mom is taking me to the vet today to get a microchip, just so in case I get out, they will be able to get me back.

    Do a lot of the unlicensed dogs belong to immigrants?

  3. Oh this is just sad to hear that so many animals are being put to death and sadly it happens so many places!

    Oh, we came over from Rumbles blog (we are a few days behind in visiting everyone) - we wish we had met you on a happier post but we did see your older posts - you are a cutie Dash (you kind of remind us of our kitten Gus - he has more white on his face, but your expression in the sidebar picture just totally is something he makes a lot!)