Friday, 13 August 2010

Rumblepurr - We are nearly there!

* Tap Tap - Am I switched on with this Mum? *

OK anipals and friends.  The voting has now closed and we await the announcement of the judges about who will be New Zealand's next Top Cat Model - it's on TV tonight. It's been fun to join Rumblepurr and his Mum in the competition, and Mum and I would like to join them in thanking you all for the aweome support and help everyone has given Rumble.

The lovely Daisy, BeadedTail, Mishkat, and every single one of youEveryone who has responded to my own blog posts and those, in particular, who put up special posts and widgets on their own blogs.  You are all amazing and generous people.

Most of all - I want you to check out the amount of money Rumble and his Mum have raised.  It makes Mum and I almost burst with pride :-   $2,120 NZ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine how much good that money will do to help sick, injured and homeless cats and kittens.  * wipes away tear with paw *

Finally.  If you took part in the blog giveaway over at Rumbles place - check to see if you won here.


  1. Dash, you and your mummy have been such great friends to us. Thank you for all your help and support - I don't think we'd have done nearly as well without you.

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning us, Dash! We think Rumblepurr, the Rumblemum, and (of course!) Inigo are winners no matter what the announcement says.

    We're sending many purrs to them - and to all the contestants - for raising so much money to help other cats.

    Lotsa purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

    P.S. Thanks so much to your mum for contributing the lovely Bastet pendant!

  3. Regardless of the outcome, Rumbles is a winner in my book!