Monday, 13 September 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt #5: BLOG PAWS

Blogpaws took place in Denver, Colorado.  Our pals @BZTAT and @FrugalDougal's Mum went and a heap of other people.

Check out BZTAT's album on Facebook for some wonderful images of Denver and the Blogpaws Crew!  There is also an awesome site done by BlogPaws where you can see bits of the sessions, even if you were not there!


  1. BlogPaws looks like it was so much fun! We really like their "Be the Change" meme.

    By the way, this was our third try on leaving a comment - we've been getting Blogger 503 errors ALL DAY!

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  3. Miss Katie * sigh * I dunno what's goin on with Blogger. We have our setting set OK but still we get wried stuff * nosetaps * to you all.

    Dash Kitten