Friday, 24 September 2010

Thankful FUR 3 Blog Hop - Brian's Blog Hop

* tap tap - hello everyone? Hello there  tap tap *

I am taking part in Brian's blog hop this week and want to say hello.  This will be going up a bit late due to the #NipClub and FuzzyMice post.  I hope Brian forgives me taking so long * looks over to Brian's blog *

Mum and I am thankful we are together.  Wind and rain may come, sunshine may follow but even though I think my sisfur's and aunties take up waaay too much room and attention from me (OK joking MOL!!!)  I am glad they are here safe. Mum even let's me get away with bringing in skinks and stuff - that's cool from a Mom eh?


  1. Wishing warm and sunny days your way!

  2. Hey, thanks for hopping blows with me, I appreciate it!!! Mega purrs for FuzzyMice!

  3. We're very glad that you and your mom found each other!

    P.S. Our mom left a comment about one of the pendants on your mom's WHSKR blog - please tell her to e-mail our mom with the info. Many purrs!

  4. Kia Ora! Another kiwi kitty!!
    A while ago you kindly visited my blog and I'm finally dropping by to say hello and thank you! My Parentals have spent far too much time on the computer so I'm only getting my turn now (sad really! I think I need my own computer).
    I am ready for summer!
    Oscar The Cat xx