Thursday, 2 September 2010

US4Cats Blog Giveaway

 * Tap tap tap - freebie giveaway announcement comin' up *

There is a giveaway for a fun book here on the US4Cats blog.

To enter all you have to put their badge on your blog for a while - nothing much else!  Thanks to US4Cats as I have managed to get the blog give away on to the right-hand side bar.  Check it out to win a book!


  1. thank you for mentioning us here :)

    we hope the button instructions help.


    -US4 CATS

  2. Thanks, we'll check it out!

  3. thank you for your DASHing support here :)
    we see the button, glad we could assist.

    we apprecaite your post and your entry in our giveaway contest greatly.

    -US4 CATS