Sunday, 3 October 2010


* tap tap Hurry Mum we are So late getting this up!! *

OK Thanks to Mishkat for this, I would have missed it as Mum has been busy helping FuzzyMice 'n stuff.  This post is on memory of my late Aunt Sooty.  OK here goes.  Today is Live Strong Day and we are helping commenorate and suport those living with and who have lost people and anipals to cancer.  Livestrong is here. The Cats of WildcatWoods have a wonderful blog post here - please take time to read and comment.

This picture is from the UK and is of Aunty Sooty (top) and Peanut (bottom)

"Cat (and Dog) Bloggers around the World are working together to promote LiveStrong by going YELLOW on their blogs on October 2nd 2010. All bloggers are invited to join in! Our message is FOCUS, NEVER give up HOPE, Have a FIGHTING attitude, have COURAGE and know we ALL SUPPORT you. LIVESTRONG! We believe in the POWER of the PURR! Love Milo and Alfie xx =^..^= =^..^=


  1. Thank you from our hearts for supporting LIVESTRONG day by doing a livestrong post and helping to spread the word.

    Blessings to all those who are currently fighting cancer, are cancer survivors, or who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.

    LIVESTRONG always.

    Love from Milo and Alfie, Mom-Jan and Dad xxxx

  2. Very nice post. Livestrong each day. Thanks for helping us "never forget" the fight for cancer.

  3. Your aunt Sooty was very pretty!

  4. That was a very, very nice post! I read about @FuzzyMice over at your Mom's blog, I'm still smiling! We all need to LiveStrong together!

  5. We are purring in memory of Sooty! And we're sending many purrs to all of you.

    Love from
    Franklin, Dobby, Tasha, and mom Katie

  6. Sending purrs in memory of Sooty - thanks so much for taking part in a special day and for stopping by.