Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Let's Put Da Bitey on Da Bills - by Boris Kitty

Please head over to Boris Kitty's blog to read more about Peanut here - shot by an air gun! I am proud to share his chip in on my blog if you would care to donate.

There is also a Tweetvite if you want to show your support by attending, and via this link you can also spread the word if you are on Facebook and Blogger.  Please take the time to spread the word a little bit.  Check the running total so far....


  1. Such an awful thing. Thanks for raising awareness!

  2. We wish Peanut a speedy recovery. We are sorry Peanut was hurt. This is another good reason for us kitties to stay inside!

  3. Fanks u fur ur halp wif getting da werd out!