Sunday, 30 January 2011

Help Houdini - Urgent

* Turn on the mike Mum this is URGENT.  OK? Thanks... *

Pal Mewface and her Mum are in deep and desperate distress.  They need to help Houdini NOW!

Here's Mewface and Mum :-

Houdini belongs to a woman who is in Teen Challenge. My roommate's dog, the same one who got ahold of Mewface a few months ago, got hold of Houdini Thursday afternoon. Grabbed him right out of the doorway. Rest assured that I have taken measures to secure the cats and will be relocating as soon as a new place is found, and, rest assured that I will be holding the dog owner accountable for vet bills in the end. But, Houdini needs help right away and cannot wait for settlement

I am going to kick of donating with Mum's last $$$$ in Paypal.  Any amount will do!! Mum will also donate the proceeds of her next Etsy sale to Mewface and her Mom.

1 comment:

  1. We just donated a few green papers to help out!! Lots of purrs for Houdini!