Thursday, 24 February 2011

SPCA Christchurch - A Thank you from Dash Kitten

* tap tap tap tap tap * CLICK * tap tap tap *

BREAKING NEWS :- #PAWTY ON SATURDAY night being organised using the #nipclub tag on Twitter. This is courtesy of @TheNascarKitty who is helping with DJ's and Barktenders.  Mum and I are greatly indebted for his expert help.  Hashtag for the #pawty to be anon... anow....   I will post it when we confer with Chief Rumblepurr.  

I got up this morning and checked the SPCA ChipIn set up by Rumblepurr (see left) and it had $860US in it. To put this in perpic.. persspect.... to give you an idea in New Zealand money this is about $1,169NZ dollars. * takes deep breath *  WOW.

STOP PRESS : Short but important video clip of Bob Kerridge from SPCA describing how donations will be used here.  Further non anipal clips play after it so just close the window when he is finished talking.

Do you know how many anipals and friends have taken up the chip in?? I decided to make a list so you know.  Mario was a big help making up the list so kudos to him for his memory (I thought Mum had one, but, no....)

Our leader @Rumblepurr
My great pal @MariodaCat

Friends :
@PixelDoggy and @JinJinDoggy
Pet Blogs United
Amy and the House of Cats added the chip in * high paw *!
Cathy Keisha added the chip in too!
@TheNascarKitty at #Nipclub
@Blind Maximus
Design friend @SquibbleWorld


  1. Hi Dash - we are beind in getting by and are very glad you are ok! (we are catching up and saw you had posted since the earthquake, we just haven't had a chance to comment yet). We think it is great so many people are donating to help the animals out there - we know they will need it! We posted the chipin on our blog and hope there were a couple people to chipin from there!

  2. Great job pal. You were actually "johnny on the spot" faster than I was. Isn't this just the bestest news. I'm so very happy so much money has been raised, and I had no idea what it meant in NZ dollars. FANTASTIC.

  3. Great job everyone! I had it (still do) in my Friday post but have added it to my sidebar too!

  4. Glad to hear that you are all right, first of all. We think that Chip in is just terrific and we are so excited that you have made so much so far. We certainly will go give a little bit. We will check back about the pawty.

  5. Good job Dash. I just listened to the video too, that rescue site is doing a pawsome job for what must be a massive undertaking.