Thursday, 3 March 2011

Thank you

* Tap tap tap - rustles  notes *

Mum says I have to write a thank you note for the #EQNZPawty because everyone was so brilliant. I have to agree, because it was such fun so here goes.

* hem hem *  @JinJinDoggy suggested a pawty to help fundraise for the ChipIn for the SPCA at Canterbury helping anipals during the terrible earthquake that has killed so many in New Zealand.  Mum and I asked @TheNascarKitty for his guidance as he is a seasoned professional in this field and, to our delight, he offered the premises of the prestigious #NipClub for the night, and also laid on a menu of drinks and noms.

Come the night (or the morning for Mom and me) pals flooded through the doors, and @MaggieTKat was on hand to supervise the questions. This was just as well because Mum and I could hardly keep up with the arrivals, the chatter and the fun. Tweetgrid imploded so mum and I had to rely on Seesmic so we know we missed saying hello to some pals.

We had some lovely barktenders who helped serve drinks : @MarioDaCat & @JinJinDoggy, @Tildatoo & @BunnyJeanCook and @TinyPearlCat & @PepiSmartDog There were real dj's spinning some awesome tunes! @HemmingwaysCat played my favourite song (actually it's Mum's only song in the Pop folder of her iTunes account * rolls eyes *) then @PandaFur and @ShaynaCat followed up and did us proud with good tunes.

STOP PRESS :- FROM RUMBLEPURR  the update as of 5.19pm on Tuesday we've got $2,109.05 USD (which is) $2,730.62 NZD!

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  1. I is so happy this was a total success. It did our hearts good to be part of this event, and so happy we could do somehting to help the anipals of New Zealand.