Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Oh my cat its been ages since I blogged!

* searches for the computer on switch *

Good morning pals! I have been on a blogiday - a holiday away from my blog. Mum has been busy over the Easter week-end and this week she is preparing for a possible appearance on TV (well only four minutes but - whatever...). So I wanted you to see I am 1) still alive and 2) still blogging. It was such an awesome day last Friday Mum took pictures of the family, here's some!

This is my Aunty Peanut - The Boss and
Sisfur Sienna helping Mum 


  1. Ooo, I even looks like you had lots of warm sun puddles. I can't wait until that happens here. Rain, rain, rain - go away.

  2. Everyone looks so calm. Your mom is famous now on TV? why did she appear I wonder?