Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Pet Treat Shopping with Dash Kitten

*checks web page and picture then sits down to write..... *

Moonlight Palms Blanket

Today's featured items are a couple of gorgeous blankets from Barking Dogs Blanket who have a shop on Etsy.  The blankets are cosy, warm and are great at protecting furniture if your dog loves to join you watching tv!  The blankets all have the cute doggy bone border too, a trademark of BDB!

But, you say, what about us kitties and bunnies? Wait a minute, wait just one minute :-)  There are small, medium and large blankets; and there are perfect ones for cats and bunnies, and there are ones that will fit in a carrier to make it comfortable.  They are easily washable too and so colourful - check out the pic below MOL!!

Barking Dogs is based in Kailua in Hawaii and 10% of the each blanket sales goes to help animal rescues.  Barking Dogs is a member of Etsy for Animals a group of anipal loving sellers on Etsy who donate part of their earnings to a nominated cause.  Prices range from $25 to @70 approx depending on blankie size, and all the sizes are in inches so continental folks will need to get their tape measures out to find the perfect doggy or kitty fit * grins *

No, you can't have the gorgeous dog! 
Blanket here.

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