Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Yellow Brick Road Pawty Report

* digs out last of Mum's change and heads over to paypal *

Friends, anipals, humans. How can I thank you all.  In spite of the competing demands of Blogpaws and the business of people's lives you turned up in force to support our dear friend Spooky and his Mom.  

I have a few thank you's so join me in thanking those gracious friends who helped by organising, DJ-ing and barktending using our superb menu from @PuppyNumber7 and his Mum.

Firstly personal thanks to two gifted individuals - @MizzBassie. Apart from being a superb jewellery artiste her gift for scheduling leaves Mum indebted to her; and @PuppyNumber7 whose gift for creating astonishing menus takes my breath away.  Our Kitten's Whiskers proved a hit of the evening!

Secondly, our Prize donors.  Pals, if you knew how readily pals came forward with offers of gifts to help Spooky you would JUMP at the chance to win one of our wonderful prizes. It is SO VITAL that pals enter the quiz so honour our donors and celebrate our pal Spooky, never underestimate it, YOU MAY WIN!!

@Smokey8, @SeattleP, @LilyLuWhoT, @InformedFerret, @MizzBassie, @Danapixie, @Pasikas,
@Danapixie, @Ginatheminpin and Mum @Whskr.  Thank you for your generosity, your giving spirit and your love for Spooky.

Our Financial Donors - you are so many and many wish to remain confidential.  Sufficeth to say without every last single donation GREAT and small, Spooky and his mum would be out on the street and Spooky without his treatment. Have you any idea what this means?

The smallest prize, the greatest donation - helped make our #YBRPawty a success.  Your generosity has overwhelmed Spooky and Lillian, particularly as they have just lost their beloved sisfur Tazzy.  If you knew how frightened they were about losing their home......

To our volunteer quizzers :- @MizzBassie, @Cheriswan and @DylCat1. It was Dylan's first quiz event and he did us proud Thank you Dylan, Cheri and MizzBassie.

To our barktenders :- @MizzBassie, @DCKitty, @NikePurrfektKat, Team @ToughTeddyBear and;  @HenrytheCat2002 I am indebted to you all.

To our DJ's :- @rabbitviola, @SamtheWatcher and @PuppyNumber7. Thank you. We had new DJ's I am proud to say and they did us proud. Thank you everyone.

Spooky as the Cowardly Lion!


  1. Thank you Dash for helping me & mom. We are having a very bad luck streak that seems to not want to end.
    From almost being thrown on the street, to recently losing my sisfur Tazzy she had been like a mommy to me. Thank you everyone who had made my pawty a success and for donating such terrific prizes, helping DJ and Barktend & Quiz. Special Thanks to Thomas @puppynumber7 for the great blog, menu, avatars. Thank you everyone who came together for me and my mom we are forever grateful

  2. HOORAY fur yoo WHSK and DASH for being so generous wif yoo time and love! xoxoxo TigerBoyTheCat and Auntie

  3. I think I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU Dash & Mom for being so pawsome & organizing a wonderful pawty to help our furiend Spooky! You're the best & we love you very much! ((HUGS)) OxOxO