Friday, 23 April 2010

Anipal Privacy Concerns

* Tap tap - testing licks poorly right paw *

*Are we on Mum? *

Now, I know a lot of my anipals are on Facebook.  Mum will get me my own page soon she says, but, in the meantime she wanted me to pass on some information about privacy.

A librarian lady, who Mum says puts it better than she does, tells you very clearly about the recent changes on Facebook called INSTANT PERSONALIZATION that should be brought to your attention.

This should be looked at by your Mums and Dads carefully, just to keep anipals safe and sound.  The lady's thoughts are here. If it scares you or you need a bit of help, let me and Mum know and we will do our best to hold your paw and point you in the right direction.

We anipals are a close community and value each other * highpaw * so look after yourselves anipals.


  1. We remember seeing that momentarily a while ago on FB but Jan isn't on it much and it disappeared before she had time to figure out what it is. She followed all kinds of links to opt out and block everything. What dastardly nerve to keep pulling stuff like this on users.

    We've posted on FB stupidity before. Their "privacy settings don't even offer the choice of "no one." The best you can do is "Friends." And applications get into your account before they even "ask permission." So we try to avoid applications, but they are sneaky.