Friday, 16 April 2010

Be the Change - BlogPaws #Pawparty

* Taps microphone with paw *

* Testing testing *

DashKitten here launching my blog as part of the major Be The Change event on Friday 16th of April 2010.

Mum and I try to do our best to help anipals.  We have donated pins from her Etsy store, and taken an active part in Etsy For Animals who have a lovely blog here.   I wonder if I can get Mum to donate a pin as a #pawparty prize.....

STOP PRESS Special event #pawparty is 21st April that's  checks calendar this coming Wednesday Be there or miss a lotta fun.

Oh and if you have a cute widget I might be able to put on my blog, or want to follow my blog I'd be really happy * nosetap *

For now here's the inspirational BlogPaws video about how we can Be The Change.  It makes Mum cry (in a happy way) oh and she says to remind you that the video has music and if you watch at work you might scare someone MOL!!!


  1. The video made my human get teary, too. In a good way.

  2. GREAT post, Dash! And a super fabulous way to kick off your blog!

    I just love that video... I tear up every single time I watch it. :)

    Be the change! (P.S. I added you to the blog list:

  3. WE think this is a great thing to do to help this wonderful shelter, Pets without Parents. The video is terrific too. Have a great week end.