Monday, 19 April 2010

Be the Change with Bissell

I hear from FrugalDougal that the folk at Bissell are giving away one of their super special SpotBotPets.  How? Where? I hear you ask.......

* clears throat, and consults notes*

Bissell will be at the America's Pet Expo this coming week-end (Mum says that's 24-25 April) and us anipals have the chance to join in the Expo giveaway and win the amazing Spot Bot.  How cool is that? OK, OK How do I win this amazing prize you ask?  Head over to FrugalDougal's blog and do what he say in this post. Read the post carefully so you do it right.

Mum says the Expo is in Costa Mesa, CA and, no, we can't visit * sigh * This Spot Bot Thingy looks awesome though.  Clever Bissell!!!

Don't forget the #Pawparty on 21st of April - this Wednesday.  Blog Pawty details are here I was recommended here as a place to dress up for the #pawparty.

1 comment:

  1. Nice post Dash Kitten. I got to see that spotbot at #blogpaws and it is a really neat machine and it's quiet too.
    Keep blogging.