Friday, 23 April 2010

Black Cat Rescue Fundraiser

The Black Cat Rescue have a great fundraiser happening right now.  It's what they call a Silent Auction - that means you don't know who the other bidders are!  If your bid wins you get the stuff!  Pawsome eh??   

">Here's the Black Cat Rescue page and you can click through to the Main page.   Mum says you have to register to bid but I reckon this is safe enough if Black Cat trust them.  Mum has a pin donated to help the black kitty anipals so I hope you can pop over and check it out right away.  
I say get bidding! Bid on a small thing or a big thing - just remember you are helping the black kitties people might not want or love.  We do, my big sister Sooty who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on July 13th was a great pal. Black Cat Rescue is a great addition to your RSS feed too.

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