Friday, 7 May 2010

Helping KittyKitty

* Pat pat - Is this mike working Mum *

I am reposting this to encourage you to think hard about donating to Kitty Kitty's chip in on the right.

OK.  Petie the Cat whose blog I follow (here) has brought to our attention that a young lady called KittyKitty was rescued by Twitter pal @WildAboutBirds who found her seriously injured.  The vet bills are scary - Mum looked very upset as she read Petie's blog post.

Petie is himself a cat facing illness, and for him to report on the sufferings of others made me realise that he is a truly special cat.

Oh and I put the chip in on my blog for as long as it's needed.



  1. DUDE!!! How is it I didn't know you had your own bloggie???

  2. Finally got a chance to come over and visit you Dash! So sorry to read about KittyKitty. I know how much it means when everyone pitch in just a little. So many folks sent some green paper for our Gus and it sure did help!

  3. Oh, dang, my paypal account stuff is with my, as yet, unrecovered data from last week's computer crash. Will be back for KittyKitty though!

  4. vet bills are a scary thing indeed - good luck!

  5. Thanks so much for your words of support to Whiskey, Joy, Jim and Jess. They appreciated them so much. No news yesterday - I think everyone is resting after the ordeal.