Saturday, 24 April 2010

Urgent Black Cat Crisis - Baton Rouge

* Tap Tap Testing Testing *  * Quick Mum I need to get this message out NOW! *

Spay Baton Rouge and Northside Humane Society have spayed and neutered over 100 black cats discovered in hoarding conditions.  However, these beautiful, pure black cats are not out of the woods yet!  Unfortunately, their caregiver is now battling cancer and is unable to continue to care for them.  After all the hard work put into spaying and neutering these cats, they are facing euthanasia and need to be moved ASAP......... 
For more information or to adopt one or more of these black cats, please contact:    Lori D’Arensbourg:  225-964-6992

Do you know anyone in Baton Rouge? Have they got space for a couple of black cats?  I can't imagine the acute worry this must be causing the folks at Spay Baton Rouge.  An axe hangs over every one of these cats.  All this must be costing Spay Baton Rouge money so Mum will donate 100% of her next cotton Art Doll pin sale with free shipping to Spay Baton Rouge.  See Mum's pins here.  You can even donate via Paypal on their web site - please consider it.

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