Friday, 28 May 2010

Etsy for Animals helping Berkeley East Bay Humane Society

* Tap Tap Tap - Hey Mum turn the mike on I have News! *

I have some news to pass on.  Here we go!

Etsy for Animals (A group of sellers on Etsy who love and support animal causes) is taking urgent action to help Berkeley East Bay Humane Society who have been victims of a tragic fire.  EFA sellers feel they must act and are donating to fundraise for BEBHS through May and June - with some going further into July - such is their commitment to this cause.  

Full details of the tragic fire that swept their facility are here and their Rebuilding site is here.

The sellers involved are listed below, just click on the links below :-

Tantalizing Stitches is giving 5% of her sales

Barking Dog Blankets is donating 5-10% of May/June sales

Spider Blue  Will donate 50% of sales for the months of June and July.

Whskr will be donating 100% of her next Art Doll pin sale and 25% of each sale in June.

KittyAnyDots 10% of cards, 20 % of prints, mirrors & jewelry all of May and June

Scrappy Rats  100% of sale of selected items (Yummy for Dogs dog treat cookbooks, other items as indicated). Now - end of June

Barking Dog Blankets on Etsy and 1000 Markets Small BarkingDogBlanket 100% proceeds plus 5 - 10%  May/june Sales

MVegan5 10% of sales from 22 May to the end of June. 

Daisy Wares 50% of her sales to help thru to the end of May

Garden Delights I will be donating 10% of my sales through the end of June.

Wind and Honey 10% of my sales until June 30   

If you can spread news of this post around your social networks we would appreciate it. Thank you on behalf of all of the animals and people at the Berkeley East Bay Humane Society.


  1. You really do have the best mummy my friend.

  2. thank you to Dash and everyone who helps animals! :0) Michele

  3. Thanks for the list of folks who are helping! We feel so bad about the fire and are glad to see people coming together to help.

  4. Thanks for the listing!! Good stuff! And good folks at Etsy!