Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Mate Franklin - VSPCA and Help Animals India

* Tap Tap - Turn this mike on Mum. Tap Tap  Shuffles notebook to correct page*

Franklin is an handsome rescue who lives in the USA like many of my anipals.  He shares his blog with his typist Katie and recently posted about a matter of utmost seriousness.

My paws can't cope with the sheer amount of information Franklin has put into his paw-some post as he covers an event in India (wow eh?!)  and has posted a number of important links.

* Consults notes *

Briefly, Help Animals India needs help after a recent totally frightening typhoon and their animals are suffering.  Can you do me a favour?  Can you check out Franklin's post and see if you can help?  Mum and I are going to donate - I'm scared on strong winds (I was caught out in a massive storm when I was a kitten cat) so have strong empathy here. Oh and VSPCA are also on Facebook here so give them a follow or like or whatever FB calls it this week MOL!!


  1. Hi Dash! Sending you many purrs for reposting this! Please tell your mum thanks for tweeting also. We hope that we can get a little help for VSPCA.

    XXX from your buddy, Franklin

    P.S. We've also posted at:

    P.S. Our human did not even know that you had a blog! We are following you now.

  2. And yet another P.S. - VSPCA/Help Animals India is on Facebook, if your mum wants to check them out (we are not on there, but we can still see their page). They are:

  3. Wow, cats helping kitties worldwide, VSPCA is completely humbled that you all care about us, it was a really scary storm (it is called a cyclone in our part of the world - the Atlantic has hurricanes, the Pacific has typhoons and the Bay of Bengal has cyclones - none of them are fun!) but we are better now, that is because our humans took precautions and prepared all of the shelter with better drainage, so always be prepared. We do have some damage and are always going out to help other animals outside our shelter, so any of your kind support to our plight is always welcome - its tougher in India.
    VSPCA kitties