Thursday, 17 June 2010

Job Opportunity @ Anipal Times - Layout Designer Needed

** Tap Tap, Can I have your attention please Techno Folks **

I have an appeal from @SnicktheDog at Anipal Times, who I work for as as Editor.  Can you help, or know someone who can?  I'd appreciate it if you could circulate our appeal.

Snick sez :-

"The Anipal Times is looking for a layout designer to create layouts for special occasion print editions. We have an important project coming up that will set the standard for all of our print issues in the future. 

We need an experienced designer with Adobe InDesign or Quark experience to take our ideas, text and graphics and create a fabulous end product. 

As you all know The Anipal Times is a 100% volunteer projekt so there iz no pay involved but the work will help us promote our misshun of raising money for animal charities."

if you know anyone who can fill this position please forward this ad to them. for that matter please forward it to anypal who might know someone!

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  1. Sadly, no. But we'll keep our paws crossed for you!