Monday, 5 July 2010

Little Meow - Daily Cute needs help.

* Tap Tap - Calling all anipal lovers Tap Tap *


Cat Blogosphere has joined the appeal circle with a notice on it's page.  PAW-some.  Hang in there Little Mew!

I have read on the blogs of Brewskie (JustMeowin') and Rumblepurr (both fun blogs), that a little cat by the name of Little Meow is in urgent need of a home.

She used to live outside, with her dad but heck, let Daily Cute tell you the story and, please, if you can pass it on DO SO. This kitten cat needs the kind of lucky break I had getting a forever home.

Pass on the Daily Cute post as often as you can,  reTweet it, Facebook it, just let's get this out there NOW.

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  1. Thanks for letting us know, Dash! We asked KC to put a note about Little Meow on the Cat Blogosphere daily post, and she very kindly did. Huge readership of very kind cat lovers there, so we are hoping the right person sees it: