Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Little Meow - a Possible Success Story

* Tap tap tap - testing testing - ready for a report anipals? *

OK,  Mum has it from Dorian via Twitter (got to love Twitter for lightening fast dissemnation of the latest news - right??), who runs the excellent Daily Cute, that there may be good news from the Little Meow story.

Remember I told you about her yesterday and her worries about the lovely Little Meow?  Well, a home may have been found.  I won't go into details as Daily Cute has a full report here and while you are there add DC to your RSS feed.

Congratulations to Dorian, Little Meow and her hopeful forever home and family.

Now let's hope we can move on to help the other anipals in need of a home.

* Nosetaps to all *


  1. Thank you for your help with Little Meow! I am SO relieved now that I know she has landed a great spot and a great family -- I just know she'll blow them all away with her cuteness and make herself right at home. :)

  2. We were so happy to read about Little Meow's possible new home. She is such a sweetheart - and so is her new brother!