Monday, 26 July 2010

Vote Rumblepurr

* Tap Tap - attention everybody - Tap Tap - get ready to do a blog post for me *

OK my pal Rumble purr needs our help anipals.  He is falling behind in the NZ TopCat Model contest and I have an idea.

If your Mum, or Dad, has time, could you put on a quick blog post in support of our guy?  Doesn't need to be much but I recommend you add a link so people can head straight over and vote for our favourite Mine Coon and the best lookin' guy on the block!

This is the link to his donation and voting page - it might be easiest for you to head over there, and cut and paste the linky yourselves.  Donations are NOT obligatory but welcome.

To add the Rumblepurr Link to your blog (or to a blog post) add this :-

Visit the boys at Rumblebum
Support the Rumblepurr!

The code [which is on the right-hand paw page of Rumble's blog here] will make a widget like the one on my blog here when you add it as an 'HTML/Java' addition (well it does for Blogger) I may have to call in extra halp if other kitties use different blogging software.

1 comment:

  1. Dash my handsome friend, next year we should have you in the contest!! Thank you and your mummy so much for all your help.