Monday, 30 August 2010

Cupcake Day for the SPCA

* tat tap tap tap Jeeez nearly forgot.  CupCake day for the SPCA and I nearly forgets -Mum - quick quickturn on the microphone....!!!*

I nearly forgot!  Heads up - attention attention attention!!!  Today is CupCake Day in New Zealand for the SPCA.  People all over New Zealand are making cupcakes and selling them to raise funds for the SPCA to help anipals.  Check below for the link to your near4st place in NZ selling for the anipals.  Hurry!! One day onleeeeeee.

Where are the cupcakes
Cupcake Fun Auction on TradeMe full of awesome cute stuff (and not all expensive either!!


  1. Another fine example of how wonderful NZ treats their anipals.

  2. That is a very clever idea and I hope they all raise lots of money for the critters!