Sunday, 8 August 2010

Daisy the Curly Cat

* Testing, Testing, One, Two, Three, Fi.... Um Tap Tap *

Just when we hit a low point, just when we were beginning to wonder if we could go on, wondering where we would get our last votes from, I got news about the most wonderful post from the blog of Daisy Curly Cat.

If you don't know her, you really should. She has a marvelous blog with fun posts that give me a smile. I love the Funnies every week, and Daisy's modeling assignments... But I digress, anipals........ Check this out. You cannot get a more gracious and helpful post than this to help our pal Rumble.

Thank you Daisy WE ARE NOT GIVING UP!!!

Grateful and respectful nosetaps to Miss Daisy and her Mum


  1. Miss Daisy is the best, as are you guys. I'm so very grateful for everyone that's helped!

  2. You are so sweet! I was very happy to help my pal Rumbles. Harley and I are both crossing our paws for him!

  3. Daisy and Harley are truly pawesome!