Thursday, 5 August 2010

.: My Marco. Life will never be the same.

* Gentle tap tap - Hi Anipals - can I ahve your attention for just a moment *

This lady could use a little support right now. She just lost Marco - it's quite a story and some supportive comments might help her a bit.

.: My Marco. Life will never be the same.: "I adopted Marco in October of 2008. He was the cat my ex (Ricky William Alan of LA County, California, to be exact) had adopted from PetSma..."

Thanks for listening.. and thanks to the lovely Miss Daisy and Mishkat for their comments.

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Dash Kitten


  1. Oh no. What a sad story. I feel thankful that Marco was rescued from his terrible situation and knew love and kindness at last.

  2. That was a hard story to read - but I'm so glad she was able to rescue Marco. Thanks for letting us know.