Thursday, 26 August 2010

Gong to the Dogs Paint-a-Thon

* Tap Tap Hear ye Hearrrr yeeeeee - Heh heh - that was good!!! *

OK Anipals, I have found out from Brewskie Butt (aka The Brew), on the MeowVine, that his Mum is having a paint-er thorn * checks notes * sorry a Paint-A-Thon on Thursday 26th August - America time.

This is EXCITING!!! BZTAT will be  working from 9 a.m. all day into the night to raise funds for Romeo the Cat and to keep BZTAT Studio above water.  Oh, and Mum says to let you now this is a met-a-for for keeping going through the tough times. Mum admires BZTAT a lot.

My mum loves creating things and she knows that people who buy Art and Pictures and handmade schtuff are happier people - it makes them smile, they are proud to have something special and new, and life is a brighter place so get ready to bid.

What you need to do.
  • Take a note of the Ohio time :-   9 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Be there for real :- BZTAT Studios, 336 4th St NW, Canton, OH USA
Here's what to do if you want to bid, and don't forget you can ask me, or another anipal on Twitter if you are unsure what to do - don't be afraid to ask so we can help.  OK the details  :-

* It is recommended that interested Twitterers follow the action on Tweetgrid  to get real time updates. 
Your profile must be visible in Tweetgrid for us to receive the bid. (Yell for help if you are not sure about Tweetgrid OK?)

* If you would like to submit a bid on  Twitter, please send a tweet with the word BID in all caps, your bid  amount and #bztatptg written in the tweet.  Follow the #bztatptg hashtag on Twitter to follow all the action. You do not have to bid to join in the fun!

* All bids must be in $5.00 increments and the lowest bid for all works will be $40.  A 10-minute warning will be tweeted to announce the conclusion of the auction 10 minutes before bidding stops.

*  Bid winners will receive instructions to pay the winning bid via PayPal  plus $20 US shipping or $40 international shipping per painting.

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