Friday, 17 September 2010

Facebook Auction for True Blues Rescue

* Tap Tap - lalalaLAAAA  tap tap*

Hi anipals, I wanted to give you a heads up about a fun auction currently taking place on Facebook for True Blue Cat Rescue.

I took a few words about them from their FB page :- True Blue Rescues works to save blue cats and kittens from US high-kill shelters. Admins: Hilary Sontag, Sharon Niven and Suszan Rogers.

There are some lovely things available for auction including a gold ring, an art doll from Mum (Whskr), cards, bookmarks and am amazing wooden catfish - and a heap of other fun stuff.  If you are on FB head over.

How to bid :-  You click on an album photograph and you will see comments underneath - this is where you put in a bid.  I never knew about doing this until Miss Hilary and Miss Suszan explained how you bid. Thanks to them.


  1. Interesting. I'll have to go over there and take a peek.

  2. Hi Dash! Thanks for telling us about it! We will try to check it out (we don't have facebook so we aren't sure we will be able to see it)

  3. our mom doesnt have FB, but she saw your post on inigo and went over to purr!

    -US4 CATS

  4. Don't really do FB but I'll check out True Blue!