Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Helping the Blind Kitties - The Power of the Paw

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OK Anipals. I need your help.  This is not a money thing - it's a time thing - this is to show the Power of the Paw. AMENDMENT : Thanks to Miss Katie Mishkat this post has been amended to include contact and web details for this pawsome organisation.  * nosetaps *

I am copying the post by VanCat Onlion from FB in connection with the Pepsi Refresh Project. We are aiming to get Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary Inc. into one of the top spots and we need your help. Vancat on FB worked out you can vote three times each day :- **** Deadline for voting is Sept 30th ****

Blind Cat Rescue is trying to win $50,000 to build another building to save the lives of FIV and FEL+ cats in the Pepsi contest. We need your vote everyday for the rest of September. With your help, we can still win the money to help save the cats! You can actually give us 3 votes...per day.
  1. Log in under your email address and vote then log out
  1. Log back in under Facebook (it is in the same sign in box) and vote again and
  1. then you can also text a vote in the phone number section put 73774 in the body of the text put 102422 send Thanks so much for helping the cats!! (The link is the title next to the picture on the web page)
If we vote every day WE CAN DO THIS.  They don't need to get top spot - just in the top handful.

Twitter @BlindCatRescue
Facebook :
Blind Cat Web Site :- Here


  1. Thanks for letting us know, Dash! Tasha has one blind eye so we think Blind Cat Rescue is the best.We voted (we can only vote once a day because no Facebook and no cell phone - but if we remember, that adds up!)

    You can also vote for them by using the link on their home page:
    (plus you can read about all the cats they are helping!)

  2. They are such a wonderful group and I am voting for them every day too. Thanks for telling everyone about them, they are so deserving!

  3. We love the Blind Cat Rescue so we will vote for them! The local rescue group that we support (and our mom is a member of) is also trying to win $50,000 from the Pepsi Refresh Project so they can open a low cost spay/neuter clinic in our area that is so desperately needed.

  4. Thanks Dash. I'll be happy to help out. Sounds like a very good cause. I hope they win.