Friday, 3 September 2010

Introducing Sienna, my Sisfur.

* Tap Tap - this one is for the boyz * sigh *

Lots of you want to meet the other members of the family * sigh *  I can dream of being the only cat in the house right - all the food MINE - but no.....

This is sisfur Sienna. She is a Tortoisehell, or 'tortie' for short.  She is a pain in the butt * looks to see if Mum is watching then types on *  She jumps on me and wants to play all the time.  I can't go around being a boy when she is there - she likes to wrestle me by surprise and loves to play  'Mr Red Dot' with dad.  Harrumph!!!

She is such fun (Mum says) and such a Happy Soul (Mum says) and has shot up in size - she's not even 2 yet!  I was not as big as she is at 18th months. Her birthday is 27th March - mine's in October - just so you know.

She curries favour by sitting on mum's lap or playing with mum's papers around the computer (mum is not the tidiest of people.....) and purrs All The Time.   Jeeeeez some of us save the purr for effect, you know, but not my sisfur SHE PURRS!!!

Apparently Mum puts Sienna's impishness down to this tortitude - me I dunno, she's a girl....


  1. I'm not a boy, but I think your sisfur's very beautiful. Mom's sister has a cat that looks like that. Would that make her my cousin?

  2. Well, I must say Sienna is a very cute girl, so maybe you should just smile and agree!

  3. Thanks, Dash, for letting Sienna share your blog! She is a beautiful tortie! We are particularly fond of tortie cats around here because of the lovely Miss Tasha - they are wonderful cats (although Franklin and Dobby sometimes don't agree with that assessment!)

  4. Well, I am a boy & I think she's bootiful. But I loves you too Dash cuz you were my friend first.

  5. Why HULLO my dear... oh my, you live in the same city of me... *hailing a cab*

  6. Thanks for introducing us to Sienna. I think she's pretty!

  7. Lucius says he thinks Sienna is loverly to look at, and I agree!