Monday, 13 September 2010

Message for MarioDaCat

* Click Crackle, bussSSszzzZZzzszs - heck Mum what have you done to the mike? *

For my pal Mario, and anyone else worried about the Ikea kitties - a few words as Mum is from England and knows these things. She says :-

The cats all got taken home. She thinks many of them were actor cats, or cats known for getting along with others. Something like this would take months to organise properly - and it would be done properly. Why? Because the alternative - negative publicity about scared cats would not be a good look, and get out it would!!  Dah Ikea Kitteh's even have a facebook page.

Here's the finished ad ;- as it went out on tv BUT for an ad free one in wider screen check it on youtube here it's a better bigified looking one.

Mum believes that there would have been RSPCA people or Cats Protection people in attendance (although they would keep discretely in the shadows) as well as the animal handlers mentioned, as in England people get very angry if they suspect animal abuse on TV.

*nosetaps * and thanks for worrying Mario mate.

Dash Kitten


  1. Oh, I is so relieved to hear dat. I figured they would have to somehow keep dem safe. It was amazing dat they could film dat even without a cat fight. Bet they had a good time exploring.

  2. I agree with you, the wouldn't risk the negative publicity!