Sunday, 5 September 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt - My Favourite Toy by Sienna

* Sounds of scuffling around the microphone "Siennaaaa, quit that....." *

Well as Dash doesn't DO toys, I reckon I can step in with my favourite toy (apart from Mr Red Dot).  It came from a #pawparty pwize from @FrugalDougal and Mum sprays it with nippy and it's pretty awesome.

C'mon join the blog hop! * scampers away from Microphone chased by DashKitten *


  1. Sienna, you are a lovely model - and that looks like a great toy!

    P.S. We are glad to hear from you all - our mom says she thinks you live in North Island but we were all a bit concerned after hearing about the earthquake! Hope everyone that you know is all right too.