Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Greenville Families at Risk

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A Facebook colleague is appealing on behalf of kitty families.  The lady's name is Melissa  'Missy Kitten' Harrington who tirelessly to help save cats and kittens.  This link is to the kitten rescue FB page - go here to see the kittens and hopefully offer some help.  If you can't, please share this post....

I am awaiting info and will update my post .  In the meantime they need donations to the chip in (SEE RIGHT).  If you can donate a bit, Melissa and I would both be very grateful.

Melissa speaks :-
Currently 4 have their pull fee sponsored, so there are 3 families left that need their pulling fees sponsored. We also need to raise vetting and transport funds (depending on location of foster)... And fosters are needed.

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Dash Kitten

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  1. Oh my, I couldn't see the info because it is private, but I did send a friend request. I gave most of our green papers away today. Drat! I could tell my 10,000 twitter pals but not to a page they can't see.