Friday, 19 November 2010

OMalley the Alley Cat

* Tap Tap Tap - Wow!! Mum I must tell everyone about this - its fantastic news for Mr O'Malley *

There is an amazing story over at the I Love Rescue Animals blog here.  This amazing guy is a tribute to positive thinking and the hard work of others - if you look at the post you will see he went in the water for * checks notes *  Aquatic Treadmill treatment!  Holy Moly - this is scary but he went ahead and did it.  Check it out in the post and if, like me, your heart leapt with joy at this, consider helping with his treatment.

Such courage and the will to live deserves our acknowledgement and Mum has donated $10 on my behalf to help this amazing guy.  As Boris Kitty's Chip in has done so well I am replacing it with the chip for this great and courageous kitty.

* nosetaps *

Dash Kitten



  1. I'm glad you posted this. I never heard about O'Malley before. That's an amazing story, especially that video of him walking on the treadmill in the water. Of course, I had to make a small donation. I wish it could have been more.

  2. Oh Dash - whas a great animal and story. Thanks for posting the link and sharing it with us.

  3. Such a sweetie pie...and determined too!