Monday, 1 November 2010

Under the Paw and Celia Hammond Animal Trust

* Tap tap tap - c'mon Mom someone else is doing fundraising stuff and we have to tell everyone, Turn on the mike *

OK anipals, Tom Cox - the author of the cats and guys book 'Under the Paw' is donating the author's proceeds from Under the Paw to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust for the next two weeks.  If you don't have it BUY THE BOOK NOW here

Under the Paw (Facebook linky here) and author Tom Cox, who is owned by Janet the Cat comments as follows :- Following last week's very moving and harrowing Wonderland BBC documentary on Celia Hammond, Under The Paw's author will be donating his royalty on every copy of Under The Paw sold in the next fortnight on amazon to Celia's CHAT foundation.

I am so proud of this guy - he writes about cats, he's famous, and he is donating the author's share of earnings for the next two weeks to help the Celia Hammond Animal Trust (linky for Miss Hammond's Trust here) and there is a linky here that shows that Miss Hammond was a beautiful model before I was born and is now beautiful inside and out caring for anipals.

Check it out.  Mum read it to me and it's fun. The guy's side of the cat loving story. 

OK * looks sheepish * You can't look inside I borrowed the picture from Amazon. I promise to give it back.....


  1. He does write a good book doesn't he? So nice of him to donate to charity too.

  2. That is cool, thanks for telling us about it!

  3. I read that book. Mom ordered it all the way from the UK. It was worth it though. We really enjoyed it.