Thursday, 2 December 2010

FuzzyMice Foot Cast Worries

* Tap Tap Tap - c'mon Mum let's get this out - we need to help Fuzzy!! *

OK folks, a cry for help and yes, it always comes too close to Christmas but, please, read on.  Fuzzymice's cat Mewface had a cast put on her foot after a dog bite nearly broke her foot - now the cast has to come off as it is beginning to cause serious problems.

There is almost a note of panic on the @Fuzzymice posts.   After the elation of receiving her EIN from the USA Internal Revenue Service, things have taken a dip and we need to raise funds to get the kitty to the vet, antibiotics and evaluated.  There has been some confusion abut the chip in so a fresh one has been posted.  FuzzyMice speaks :-

Last month, Mewface broke her leg. She has developed an infection under her cast and has also chewed and destroyed the cast. She needs emergency vet care for her leg. We need to raise $400 for the diagnostic tests, and we will still need at least another $400 for treatment. We may possibly need $1500 or more if surgery or amputation is required. We have already raised $148 as of the start of this ChipIn. Please donate if you can, no amount is too small!

Fuzzy is looking at a worst case scenario as far is further treatment goes - otherwise she is trying to be positive.

Thanks for reading * nosetaps *

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  1. Oh no, that's terrible, we'll pass the word too!