Thursday, 30 December 2010

Getting you Pumped for the Tiny Timmy Tour Across America - Pepsi Refres...

Tap tap - OK Guys update on our pal Timmy with the neurological damage *

This is a pawsome and dynamic little video that you just have to watch. It's short, fun and exciting! Then go and vote for Timmy here.

It won't take long, it's free and if you do he goes into the next round where we keep trying to get him into the top 10. Mum and I are not giving up on this one. We have Peanut on the road to recovery, now we help Timmy tour the U.S.A. with his pawerful message. GO VOTE EVERY DAY.


  1. Thank yous so muchly for posting dis!!! Alsos, I has added yous to mai cyber friends blogroll on mai bloggie ( *headbonks* ~Timmy