Saturday, 4 December 2010

Paw-some Weather here in New Wealand

* Tap tap tap - OK Mom don't fuss with the sun cream...... *

Hi anipals.  jsut dropping by to say hello and hope everyone is preparing form Christmas.  Mom is mentioning a holiday and 'BRizzbinn' but I am not sure what is going on. I am just spending so much time out of doors at the moment as the sunshine is pawsome.  The only drag is Mom puts suncream on my ears, she says being a cameo coloured kitten cat means I might be suspepty..... sussiptib .... I might get sun burn on my ears.

I am off to draft a post about our friend Fuzzymice who is getting more and more worried about the cast that should have come off her kitty Mewface's paw. In the meantime, while I likc of this yukky sun cream stuff, check the donation button for Fuzzy on the right.  Little Mewface really is in a serious condition (Mum donated a pendant sale made via a Twitter pal, so we have a step in the right direction).

* nosetaps *

Dash Kitten.

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