Thursday, 13 January 2011

Queensland Floods - Anipal Times Article

* Tap Tap - * looks for computer notebook and clears throat - ahem ahem *

Taken by Mum before this disappeared under feet of water....

Check out my latest article about how the animals are coping with the devastating floods sweeping through Queensland Australia. It's Here.

EXTRA Donations Note : There is a link in the article and @ShaynaCat has let us know that in order to donate you must add QLD as the state and 4000 as the postcode and your donation WILL be accepted. (I reckon they were not expecting to have to deal with all this.....)


Mum has two fundraisers for the Brisbane appeal.  One for the RSPCA (sold) and One for the Premier's Fund.  Check out her shop here (2 marked items) Bris-Style Crafters have items for sale here too - with some cute stuff.


  1. Thanks Dash. I just wrote a blog post and referred pals to your site.

  2. wowmeow! That thing is beautiful, now toast :( So glad your ma didnt get stuck there.

  3. Thanks for keeping us up to date on what's happening. Sending all my thoughts to all our anipals and their wonderful typists. Purring for all...

    pawhugs, Max

  4. I have sure been worried about our pals over there.

  5. We are purring for all those affected by the terrible flooding.

  6. Hi Dash! WE are so sad for all the animals in Australia dealing with the floods right now - and after the fires that were there before it just seems like there is too much going on for the animals there the past few years. WE hope everyone, humans, pets and wild animals, will be ok!