Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Timmy Tour Across America (long but worth it)

* Timmy Tour Across America - Tap, tap, tap, tap, OK - refers to notes * Let's get Timmy higher in the listings Mom *  STOP PRESS : Thank you to Miss Daisy for your comment.

Regular readers have heard me mention Timmy and his quest to fight the big boys for funding I apologise to you for a longer than usual post.  Please bear with Mum and I.  Timmy's dream is to travel, with his Mom, and educate American citizens about poorly regulated flea and tick products - which is a massively important issue. Why? Well, Timmy suffered neurological damage as a youngster due to the application of dodgy medicine - he has a mission to educate the public about safe medicines and he needs Us ---- you and me.

You may or may not have heard about the Pepsi Refresh challenge where organisations fight it out for public votes and generous amounts of money from Pepsi.  Timmy and his mum are two small people - they fight against organisations with teams of people voting.  If each one of us votes (as Mum and I do) Timmy knows he rises in the rankings, he has seen it happen.

Timmy speaks :-
Pepsi allows you to vote PER ACCOUNT: You have 10 votes for texting, 10 for email log in and 10 for Facebook. Only one per account can be for Timmy. When you vote for others, please leave comments stating you are from Timmy Tour. 

I repeat, again, my easy to follow instructions for voting for Timmy (but if you have any questions - message me and I will respond as soon as I can)  : Direct Link to the Vote Timmy Page here - please vote every day.
  1. Open Timmy's page here.
  2. Scroll down a little way to underneath the Pepsi tin can picture to the list of blue names - see it yet?? OK......
  3. Click and VOTE for each name (a separate window should open Mum opens 'em all at once - it's awesome) when the new window opens VOTE Start with Timmy and working down the list.
  4. NOW remember to scroll down and leave a comment at the bottom of each voter's page. This is what I put : Here because of Inspiring and Empowering Pet Owners with a Timmy Tour Across America - Good luck and please vote for our guy too!!
Now GO VOTE EVERY DAY - Please....  If you have time use your email address as well - you can log out and vote again using your email

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