Saturday, 8 January 2011

UpDate on Timmy Appeal

* Tap Tap Tap C'mon Mum this is HELPFUL stuff  let's get it out there!!! *

OK Guys - I have checked Timmy's site today AND he has has done magic stuff to make it it super easy for us to vote for him and his friends.  This has involved a lot of work so, THANKS TIMMY.   OK, check out the link below, you will find that Timmy has a magic list and this is what you do >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  1. Open Timmy's page here.
  2. Scroll down a little way to underneath the Pepsi tin can picture to the list of blue names - see it yet?? OK......
  3. Click and VOTE for each name (a separate window should open) when the new window opens VOTE Start with Timmy and working down.
  4. NOW remember to scroll down and leave a comment at the bottom of each voter's page. This is what I put : Here because of Inspiring & Empowering Pet Owners with a Timmy Tour Across America - Good luck and please vote for our guy too!!
Now GO VOTE EVERY DAY - Please....  If you have time use your email address as well - you can log out and vote again using your email which I think is kinda nifty.  I reckon the 'pro's' have teams of people doing this so I reckon we can all be TEAM TIMMY. I guess you could say Mum an I are taking Timmy's fight pretty seriously eh....

*nosetaps *

Dash Kitten

PS STOP PRESS Timmy has let us know that some of the top people in the event are CHEATING by asking a man in India to vote for them.  This is DREADFUL.  Let's do this the honourable way and get Timmy to the TOP!!

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  1. You are a proud supporter of many good things dear friend. I'm headed over to Timmy's too.