Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Paws around the world: Paws for Japan

* click click - turns on computer and checks notes..... *

OK pals. Our worthy leader @FrugalDougal host of the fund raising #pawparty phenominnon has blogged about an important Twitter event. Please check out the Paws for Japan - I am hosting the widget - see right hand side.

The charity World Vet's is nominated as the charity of choice - read more .....................


  1. Thanks for jumping on the bandwagon too Dash. I can't wait until we start tweeting about this tomorrow. It's been fun watching the total grow without putting much work into it at this point. I sure hope we can meet goal.

  2. More great work from the Anipals! So great you are looking after the animals in Japan. Wonderful cause.

    So tragic! This will help so much!