Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ready For My Close Up at the SciFipawty

* tap tap tap tap - OK Mum ready to post? *

I just wanted everyone to see my avatar (or avi for short) that I used for the @BorisKitty and @FrugalDougal #scifipawty at the week-end.  @Danapixie made it for me and I look pretty amazing - right :-))

Tank you Miss Dana for letting me join in the #pawty fun.  I believe Boris reached his fund raising target and he also has a couple of prizes still on offer TODAY the wonderful Bissell Spot Bot Here but that closes in a few hours so get over there pals!!


  1. Oh Dash - that is absolutely adorable. It's too bad the AVs are so small on Twitter cuz we really missed seeing some good ones.

  2. Oh dash, you look great! With that cute face I could dress you in a burlap sack and you'd look fab!