Monday, 14 March 2011

@Sockington - The Pin!!

* Quick Mum - turn on the 'puter we are SO late getting this post up *

OK Mates, cast  your eye over the latest and best birthday present Mum and I ever got - it's from pal @cheriswan!  Mum is so thrilled she has been dancing around singing "Sockington's Birthday, Sockington's Birthday" - this will make no sense unless you know John Adam's opera Nixon in China....* rolls eyes * OK if you REALLY want to know about "Sockington's Birthday, Sockington's Birthday" check out this You Tube linky - Mum says its about when Nixon visited China in 1972 here. listen out about one minute in.. then come back, I can wait.....)

Your back - see what I mean about "Sockington's Birthday, Sockington's Birthday"?

This is an 100% genuine Sock's Army pin! Socks Army are the followers of the mighty @Sockington (Also on Twitter - Socks Army).  I have a number on my pin card too - one of a Limited Edition!!  OK, OK so it's not limited out yet so Get Your Pin Here and remember 20% of the price goes to A Chance for Bliss a PAWsome sanctuary chosen by democrative vote.  $10 per pin with uniqely numbered card plus a bit of shipping (Oh and BTW the scary shipping quote has been remedied by Sockington's typist Mr Jason so no more 416.00 shipping from paypal phew).

When you have bought your pin head over to the Anipal Times and check out @DanaPixie's article.  She MET @Sockington's typist looks awestruck her report is here.


  1. Loved the "Cats don't wear medals. We already know we've won."

  2. Dat is such a cool pin Dash & money goes to a very very worthy charity.

  3. Very cool! And now you are official! I didn't know that Sockington had pins!